Sonja, my younger sister, is a joy and a blessing to all who cross her path.  One of my deepest pleasures in life is to be her sister.  She has shaped me into a more patient, compassionate person.  On April 17, she was honored by her boss and advocate, Colleen and by the mayor of Sioux Falls with not only an award celebrating her volunteer work but also a proclamation that April 17, 2018, is Sonja Swenson Day.  To truly celebrate Sonja Swenson Day in style, there would have had to be adorable babies to love on, puppies to snuggle and cookie-dough blizzards for all.  I am proud to be the sister of Sonja.  To honor Sonja Swenson Day 2018, here is a poem about my galactic sister.


Daughter of the star-breather,

cloaked in Celestial Powers,

she laughs,

enlightening the planet in the glow

of a full moon.

Though her body, stitched and molded

by scalpels falters,

her love and compassion

reign true, befitting of

Corona Borealis.


Dance, galactic sister,

twirl across the Milky Way,

igniting a revolution and

collapsing handicaps

into dust and darkness.


Above, a sister, here my world.

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