Veggie Haikus

Some weeks, inspiration is my constant companion, but some weeks pass with no sparks or flickers.  This week was the later.  I finally cranked out a few haikus yesterday because I had to write something.  Of course, my haikus are about vegetables.  When you live on a farm and constantly discuss the different vegetables with your husband, vegetables don’t just creep into your thoughts, they are houseguests who become family members.  Enjoy my veggie themed haikus!

Camouflaged in wait

pea green splotched among vert

pods on the offense


Bohemian chard

dark ruffled frond of enigma

on prismatic stalks


Carrots never grow

while the watchful yearn in hope

from below they taunt


so common a veggie

yet in ripples it explodes

the grace of lettuce


The sheen of cosmos

Wrapped in a robe of midnight

The aubergine’s dream

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