About Me


Photo by the incomparable http://lauranickel.video/about/

In every lab, field, or town, there is a story to be told. I have loved words since I was young and was always writing stories, poems, or songs, a practice continued to this day.

Long before I graduated with a B.S. in Environmental Science, I was interested in the tendrils connecting the environment to humans.  My passions led me to work in agricultural and food education in Minnesota, to vineyards of South Dakota, Plant With Purpose in California, and to World Hunger Relief in Texas, where I caught the farming bug.  Wanting to learn more about agriculture and fungi, I started grad school at Michigan State University in the Department of Plant Pathology, where I am currently finishing my Master’s degree.  After countless days at my lab bench, I realized writing and communicating excite me more than research.   As a writer, I want to share stories from any person with something to say and educate about food security, agriculture, development, and science.  I hope to also contribute to local food security and sustainability through vegetable and fruit farming with my wonderful husband, Dirk.